Newsletter – Preparing for CM

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for the amazing work you are doing, thank you for your time and effort, and your commitment to B-Sharp Piano Studio programs and Certificate of Merit program!  I am very pleased to work with all of you.

In the studio there are thirteen pupils enrolled and are preparing for the Certificate of Merit Annual Evaluation program sponsored by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC). Please make a note of the information if you are participating in the program this year.

Certificate of Merit Evaluation Dates are scheduled for March 12 – 13, 2011

You have an opportunity (optional) to make some requests on Evaluation Day and the Time of Evaluation.  The best effort will be made to honor each request.

Please note the individual schedules will be distributed two weeks prior the exam date.  The theory test materials will be released to everyone statewide by April 4.

For students completing the exam with outstanding score there will be opportunities to participate in the San Mateo County Teacher’s Branch Honors Recital, and to perform at the State Convention Festivals held in July, Oakland.

Requirements to be part of the Branch Honors Recital:

The San Mateo Branch Honors Recitals for CM students will be held Saturday, April 2, and perhaps Sunday, April 3, depending on the number of students who receive honors.

1.   The student must be CM Level 5 and above.

2.   Student must receive ratings of Excellent or Good on all portions of the evaluation and be approved for Branch Honors by the CM Evaluator.

3.   All pieces must be memorized.

4.   The Honors selection must receive a performance rating of 5-, 5 or 5+.

6.   Student must receive a theory score of 80% or better.

7.   Honors Recital piece should be 5 minutes or less.

The Music Teacher’s Association of CA annual Convention will take place in

Marriott hotel at the Oakland City Center, July 1 – 5, 2011.  There are specific performance requirements to participate in the MTAC Convention Recitals.  The rules for state Convention Recitals:

Students will be selected on the basis of:

o    the quality of performance

o    memorization of all pieces

o    receiving an excellent or good rating in technique, sight reading and repertoire

o    scoring 80% or higher on the theory and ear training exam

o    application accurate and complete, following these guidelines

o    the piece is performed within the time limits of the program

The decisions of the Convention Performance Committee are final.  Here are some dates to keep in mind: Mar. 1 – Apr. 15 Convention Application and Fees may be processed. There is $20 Convention Application Fee per student and is due April 15th. On June 1 Convention recitals schedules will be posted on the state website.

For all who are preparing for the Certificate of Merit Evaluations and would like to make specific request submit the following:

1.      (Optional) specify requests on Evaluation Day and the Time of Evaluation either through email, phone or verbally as soon as possible, but no later than February 15th.

For Evaluation Day indicate Day 1 for Saturday or Day 2 for Sunday.  You also may request the Time of Evaluation (AM or PM).   Requests are handled by the state on a first come, first served basis and are not guaranteed.

2.      Please let me know if the student would like to participate in the Branch Honors Recital which will take place April2 and/or April 3 if all requirements are met (see the explanations above).  If you are eligible but do not want to participate in the Branch Honors Recital please let me know ahead of time.  Getting high score/remarks is more important.

3.      Please let me know if Convention Recital/preliminary application for convention is of interest to you, providing all requirements are met (see above).

B-Sharp Piano Studio is a professional studio and I want to reflect that professionalism.  I am reminded of MTAC’s mission statement:  “The mission of the Music Teachers’ Association of California is to promote excellence in the music teaching profession.  We do this through high membership standards, strong ethical values and continuing professional education.”

Warmest regards and good luck,

Elizabeth Smolgovsky, NCTM