Piano Evaluations Instructions March 12-13, 2011

Certificate of Merit™ March 12-13, 2011

Reminder: Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 13.  Please don’t be late!

Going to Evaluation Day

Please check the assigned to you Day and Room number (A or B)

Playing at the Notre Dame (B Room #):

Notre Dame de Namur University, 1500 Ralston Ave, Belmont.  Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled evaluation time. Follow the signs to the check-in desk, and check in first. Then find your evaluation room. If it is almost time for your evaluation, stay there.

Playing at Allegro Music School (A Room #):

Allegro Music, 550 Pilgrim Drive, Foster City.  Please check with the teacher at the check-in desk and find your room.

Playing Evaluation (Foster City and Belmont locations)

Bring your music. If the music is not memorized, bring two copies.

The music must be paper-clipped at the correct pages and measures must be numbered at the beginning of each line if there are no measure numbers are printed. All this should be done BEFORE you arrive at your evaluation.  Have your pieces in order when you give the music to the evaluator. NO PHOTOCOPIES ARE ALLOWED. If you bring ANY photocopies, you will not be heard and will be disqualified from completing your evaluation.

Parents are not allowed in the buildings, hallways and near doors. Please drop your child off and wait outside.

In the evaluation room, you will play your technique, sight-reading, and pieces. You will be given about 30 seconds to look at the sight-reading.

Theory and Ear Training Test (Belmont location only)

You will take your theory and ear training test at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont.  The theory room is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Remember, you must complete your test by closing time on the day of your evaluation. The first thing you need to do is to check in with the teacher at the front desk. If you arrive at least an hour before your evaluation playing time, you may take your theory and ear training tests first. Higher levels will require more time.

Find the theory test room, and allow enough time to finish the test.

Read the directions on each question of the theory test carefully twice. When you finish, read the questions and your answers again. Take your time. There is no time limit.

When you are finished with the theory test, go to the desk and get your ear-training CD. If you have one, please bring your own CD player and/or headphones/earbuds. No notes and no talking are allowed in the test room. No electronic devices are allowed in the test room. This includes, but is not limited to MP3 players, iPods, cameras, cell phones.  Backpacks are also not allowed in the test room.

If you are well-prepared, everything will go smoothly!