Programs Tailored to Each Individual

The studio offers all students the opportunity of learning about the world of playing piano and music appreciation, which is something that will permanently enrich their lives.  The goal is to provide quality and professional private piano instruction individually tailored to students of all ages, and to teach students how to learn and “see and hear” the beauty of art, as well as empower pupils to pursue their personal achievements and goals.

All students are taught specific skills appropriate for their level.

Students who enroll in the California state Certificate of Merit Program sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California are evaluated each spring by visiting adjudicators in performance, theory, sight-reading and ear tests. Annual fees, established by the state and teacher’s administration vary depending on level.

Students who enroll in the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program assessed on practical and theoretical subjects. Both create an opportunity to recognize achievement and receive meaningful feedback. The evaluations held twice a year, with all scheduling and location arrangements made by The Achievement Program. The curriculum is a national standardized examination program for music.  (Think Honors/AP exams in music for each grade, starting from preschool and going through college and teaching/artist diplomas.)

Careful preparation is necessary for these exams and participation for my students is highly encouraged and strongly recommended!

Students are expected to participate in studio recitals, formal and informal, Master Classes and Share/group classes. Superior and achievement-minded students may be entered in different events sponsored by musical organizations such as MTAC, CAPMT and MTNA programs, State and National competitions, Honors Festivals, Summer Festivals, other, which provide additional opportunities for honing performing skills.